FSU Lap Top

Florida State Seminoles (FSU) Large Canvas Messenger Bag – Khaki

As a huge Seminoles fanatic and a serious student you?€™re proud to start another school year. Get ready for class with this large canvas messenger bag! This rustic bag features two cargo pockets with leather trim stylish brushed metal buckles and a large main compartment. To add some team spirit to your day the top flap features a brushed metal FSU logo on an applique leather patch. Go ahead; add a little Noles pep to your step as you go to class this year!




$ 52.95

Florida State Seminoles (FSU) Black 13” Notebook Breathe Sleeve

Heat is the number one culprit behind reduced and degraded laptop battery performance and most laptop sleeves trap heat exacerbating the problem. The 13″ Notebook Breathe Sleeve’s ventilated design actually releases heat cooling your laptop down from the moment you slide it into the padded neoprene sleeve. At approximately 13.5″ x 10″ it fits most 12″ to 14″ laptops such as MacBook and MacBook Pro. It also features a convenient front pouch for power cords backside slot pocket for papers or a magazine and mini-pocket for your USB drives or flash memory sticks. The Breathe Sleeve’s bold printed school wordmark allows you to show major ‘Noles spirit when on-campus at the library or traveling!




$ 34.95

Florida State Seminoles (FSU) Leather Executive Messenger Bag

You?€™re moving up the ladder and aiming for executive status. You need a professional appearance to reach your goals and adding Noles spirit to your look will make it even better! Achieve both with the Leather Executive messenger bag. This rustic bag features a large main compartment a leather-accented flap with stylish brushed metal buckles and two spacious pockets underneath. A Florida State logo pin on a leather patch is displayed on the front for a constant reminder of your unyielding pride. When sporting this slick bag offering a hint of FSU zeal you?€™ll impress anyone you come across.




$ 169.95